everything has consequences

yeah… that’s what i really now… when you decide something you can’t go back then choose the other option… and when you already choose one way then you have to face though it’s totally horrible and terrifying.

sometimes i feel so tired with all the stuff that i have to face, but on the other side after facing such tired journey i’ll reach what i really want at the end of my journey. but still i don’t know why lately i can’t hold on this kind of situation any longer… i feel i can’t be that strong anymore… i really wanna hide for everything and everyone just for a while until i get back my power.

unfortunately, i can’t do it… i can’t let everything go just because of my silly tired. i can’t break my own dream….

i am just tired…. i really wanna take a rest…. and i am tired not to have my own life…. i am tired of waiting confirmation…. i am tired of being patient… i am tired of being “good” student….and i am tired to say yes…

but once again whatever i feel inside… i still have to face the consequences to be “good” student… i still have to wait….. nothing’s changing…


5 thoughts on “everything has consequences

  1. hey, what happened with you lovely, something’s wrong with those mafia or something’s wrong with your thesis thing???

  2. it’s been a while i am not giving a comment to your blog since i don’t what i should say about your thoughts which are so unusual and unique…

    anyway, over confident person is right, what happened with you? last night when i called you, you sounds okey

    we totally worry about you, iara. if you want to share your problem and it makes you better, why not??? you are our sister, you kno that, right?

    when you get hurt, we will feel the same, trust me on that.

    so tell me. i really need to know.

  3. just like usual, you know exactly how to hide your problem and underpressure

    then you are really smart in saying that you are okay and having no problem

    whatever i say your answer will be the same right?! absolutely i can predict you will say that you are okay and get laugh with us

    iara… please do not do this to us. at least say the truth to one of us….

  4. hmmmm….. this post is strange signal baby

    las night you say you are okay but that’s not your real condition, isn’t it baby?

    i often share my problem with you… so why you don’t do the same to me, baby

    or like what al said… just tell one of us….

    or we will do the mafia style to reveal your real condition but don’t worry we won’t bother ratih because we have another way….

    just wait and see, baby…

  5. iki asline ngomongke apa tho??? kok aku ra mudeng blas ya??? plis deh, bro… kowe ki mumet karo ibumu sing pembunuh kuwi apa mumet kesel ngladeni bos2mu?? wah, aku suwe ra maca blog-mu gek kowe ki ra tau crita apa2 liyane mumet skripsi karo ngadepi ujian. plis…iki asline ngomongke apa tho???????

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