okay, this is my very first time being the time setter of subbing team. so, I hope you can understand if there is some missing lines. before download the english srt please not that the srt is based on the video uploaded in reencodedtomq. 

and please do not reupload, credit goes to Mysterious Hands and Iara (which is me)

episode 1- 16 (complete)





  1. but you’ll keep translating? if you’ll have tel me, cause i want to make the french translation (it’s easyer forme) ,and i need to use your subs if you are ok, pleaaaaaaaaaase say yes ^^

  2. i’ve begun the translation of episode 1, i’ll name my team Hajimero fansub, when i open the blog ,i’ll put also the link of your’s ,i think it’ll help other people who want make sub of this drama too (sorry for my bad english, i can only understand ,speaking it is harder) ,fighting

  3. hi….i’m a fan of this drama….wish i could see ep 4 nw bt i dunnoe their korean sayings….so may i know is this sub traslation is going to continue ?? btw, thx for subbing ya, it feels great~~~

  4. okey,we will wait than, since you w’ill continue, it’s ok for me, i have also a lot of work, and i can always take another drama for project, i think it’s good too

  5. It requires a password to download… was it posted somewhere and I didn’t pay attention?

  6. thank you so much, just found your site.. looking forward to your continuing it.. again thanks for your hard work, it is so appreciated…

  7. Yes, yes and even more yes! Please, continue! :* I LOVE YOU REALLY!!!

    Can I use your subs for polish translation?.. I’ll credit properly. Please, let me know.

  8. Thank You very much :* (and so sorry for late reply)
    Have you by any chance episode 12 and 15 raw files, or do You know where can I find it?

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  10. hyyy
    First thank yu for your work , i did’nt have web connexion for two months,so i could not check your page intil now
    i was wondering, when i opened the third episod i saw that the timing was incompatible with videos from mq blog , with web site did you use to download raws?
    thank’s again, and sorry for my english ,i can understand itbut i d not speak it as well

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